Kaldus University

Kaldus University is the government owned university that focuses on a reasonable priced schooling for the citizens of the country. The school will offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in a variety of industries that are forward thinking, and intended on making the country better. For example, the country of Kaldus will not be supporting gas engine cars, so Kaldus University will not support teaching in that field. This does not mean that other colleges or universities can’t teach, but Kaldus University will not.

Kaldus University will also have a special Learn to Earn program. This program will cover the education based on the field, and need. In turn, the student will promise to work in an area of the country that needs to learnt profession for the same number of years. For example, it takes 10 years to be a physician. The student goes to Kaldus University for 10 years, and will work as a physician in an area where there is a need for 10 years. After the 10 years, the physician can choose to work anywhere. If it takes the student 12 years to get the doctorate degree, then the student will have 2 years of tuition to pay, and will still work for 10 years.

Kaldus University will be available on the web at https://kaldus.edu.ka, https://0001.edu.ka, or https://kalu.ka. They can also be reached by telephone at +xxx 700 1338 00010.