K12 Schools

Throughout the country, there will be public K12 schools which are given a number based on location and in sequential order. Schools are divided into 3 grade sets which are K-4, 5-8, and 9-12. In major cities, there are likely to be campuses which will have buildings that hosts all grade levels. Grades 9-12 will rely on public transportation unless that is not sustainable.

Students will go to school all year round with exceptions to vacation periods which lasts 3 weeks. Graduation will hold in December, and students will go to the next grade after Winter Vacation. While this is not the norm, the idea is to promote healthy learning throughout the year. The school days are Monday – Friday with eight 45 minute period classes. This will mean a student will have 7 subject classes with 1 lunch break.

In grades K-4, the students will be provided an ebook reader which will have all of their text books installed. The student will be taught how to use the reader, and will be introduced to the computer within classes. By using an ebook reader, this will mean they will not have to carry heavy books the might actually cause harm to the student.

In grades 5-8, the students will continue to utilize an ebook reader for textbooks. They will also be provided with a computer that they will conduct most if not all of their work on. This computer will run a customized version of Debian Linux that is used within the government system. This is due to the security holes that are found in Windows, and the limited options on a Mac.

In grade 9 – 12, the student can take an occupational class which will give the student skills to find a trade job. This will mean the student can go straight from high school to work without taking additional education. Obviously some careers will require additional schooling, but in cases where the job can be taught within the high school curriculum, this will be a benefit to the student, and the economy. Likewise, they will be able to continue work on their computer, and will be replaced only if it can not meet the needs of the student. Last, any other equipment will be provided to the student dependant on the courses they take.