In Kaldus, every school is given a 4 digit number ranging from 0001 – 8999. This is intended to provide for official and accredited schools that the student can be confident they are going to something that is no a fly by night scam. Each school must register with the Department of Education. Failure to do so will result in criminal prosecution of the heads of the school.

The numbers provided are dependant partially where in the country they are located. In the central county where the capital city is located, all of the schools will begin with the number 0. The most popular will be Kaldus University which is 0001. Schools ot the north will range from 1000 – 2999. Schools to the east will range from 3000 – 4999. Southern schools will range from 5000 – 6999 while western schools will range from 7000 – 8999. The National Library is 0000 while online schools without a physical location will range from 9000 – 9999.

Every student and faculty member will have a unique .edu.ka address. This will be reflected on their NIN as the user ID. This will allow for communications with students and faculty as well as other staff working at the respective school. One can also go to the school’s website by going to https://<ID>.edu.ka. In addition, a school might also have their own web address. In example of Kaldus University, a site visitor be able to go to, or

Grades are done at a percentage scale. Rather than having A-D+F as grades, the numbering scale will go from 0% – 100%. This will provide an national grading system, and keep all of the schools in line with each other.