K12 Education

K12 education will be standard through the school system. These standards will include the courses that are needed to be taught in each grade with graduating complexity with higher grades. Each K12 school will have eight 45 minute classes for a total of 6 hours. The courses are as follows


One of the most important courses will be Arithmetic. This is the range of math from the basic to the most advanced. Early on, children will learn the orders of operation. This will apply even if the student does not learn all of the factors in place.


Each student will be able to choose an elective course which they will remain in for the school year. This could include music, art, or creative writing as examples. Obviously, not every school will be able to teach every elective, but the goal will be to allow the student to choose the school that will offer the elective they choose.

History / Social Studies

The student will be taught history, or social studies depending on the grade level they are in. This will be more than learning history, but also how things both good and bad happeneed, and how to negotiate for a better future.


Language will involve the English language for the first 6 years of school. This will include how to write and speak properly as well as spelling. The next 6 years is in a secondary language of the student’s choosing from the options the school will have.

Lifestyle Studies

This will involve social skills, basic living, and personal finance skills. The goal will be to make the student better at navigating society and lifestyles. For example, the student may learn early on how to interact with each other. Middle school courses might lead to personal health, and sexuality. High School courses will include how to budget, cook meals, and navigating the employment field.


While not a course in itself, Lunch is essential for healthy living, and to provide nourishment for the student to complete the rest of the day. Children of low income households will be able to receive a free lunch They will simply tap their ID card on the payment reader, and that would be all. This eliminates any would be shame of poverty.

Physical Education

This will depend on the school and choice of the student. However, there will be three options. Exercise, Martial Arts, or Sports.


As with Arithmetic, Science is very important in educating the children of the country. It is Arithmetic and science that holds the future, and shapes what is today. Students will learn basic science, and graduate to more complex science as they go to higher grades. In addition, some electives might also require some science education.